About us

My love for the Border Collie started when I was a young kid, having grown up with Border Collies I developed  a strong love for the Breed. 

When I was 13 Years old (2005) my parents had given me the responsibility of my own dog who I trained and competed with in Agility. This was where my love for the Breed grew and is one of the many reasons I'm so deeply passionate about the breed today.

I have been a Veterinary nurse for 12 years and over this time I have been heavily involved in setting up puppy development courses for many vet clinics. I am very passionate about breeding emotionally sound puppies, and also about ensuring they succeed in life with their new families. To aid this all our litters are brought up with Puppy Culture protocols, and exercises in play from the day they are born.


We start house training/Toilet training our puppies from just 12-14 days of age to ensure they have a smooth transition into their new homes. Psychological and emotional development, and socialisation, are such a crucial part of your puppies first 12 weeks weeks of life. For this reason it is crucial that you find a breeder who is proactive about providing enrichment and desensitization activites for the 8 weeks they have the puppies with them. The actions of the breeder and the foundation they lay will largely determine the life the puppies will have going forward, and also what sort of future you can expect with them.


Our Puppies are fed a fully balanced raw diet that is veterinarian approved (Raw 4 paws & Frontier pets) and formulated to have the optimal outcome for the dogs health and wellbeing. Being in the veterinary care industry myself, I have put a lot of thought and consideration into feeding my dogs a raw fed diet and truly believe the benefits and health of our dogs has been nothing but amazing since they were transitioned off commercial dry food. We are more than dedicated to supporting our new puppy families if they wish to learn more about raw feeding, but we are also happy for you to feed a good quality dry food.



We exhibit our beautiful Border Collies in the show ring as a hobby, and as a result a lot of work goes into our dogs, and making our breeding choices to ensure we continue to produce quality Border Collies that are in line with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) breed standard. This does not mean our show lines can’t be the perfect family pet! We breed for conformation, but most importantly we breed for beautiful temperaments, physical soundness, and lifelong good health.  A big part of my passion is to breed family pets that have the best chance of living long and active lives--this is of utmost importance to us and is the motivation behind the choices we make when planning our litters. 


All breeding dogs are hip and elbow scored, and full DNA screening is carried out for all testable conditions and diseases that are known at the time of the breeding to ensure that nothing that can be prevented is ever missed. Thankfully the time we put into our breeding programme ensures puppies will never be affected by a genetic disease that we can test for.


If you're unsure what diseases Border Collies can be affected by please follow this link so you can better understand why health testing is so important!

Border Collie Genetic Diseases


Puppies take a good few weeks after birth to start showing their personalities. As such, we do not allow our new families to pick their puppy at birth. Instead we suggest waiting a few weeks while they grow and develop so we can help pick a puppy that is best suited to your family based on their personality and what you want out of your new addition.  

We do know everyone will have a preference of male or female and that is perfectly ok! All it means is if the a puppy has the right personality but the wrong gender you will need to wait for the next litter.


Due to our selection method being based on temperament and personality, waiting families may not know which puppy they are getting until closer to 6-7 weeks. We are more then happy to allow visits so you can get to know the pups, and will keep all families up to date with videos and photos.

Our puppies are brought up around children, other dogs, and introduced to unfamiliar sounds and objects throughout their early weeks and this assists them to be ready for the big outside world! 


If you think you can offer one of our puppies a special home please  fill out our questionnaire located in our "Puppies tab"